Sarah Toporoff

Publisher Manager, Bababam

Sarah Toporoff works at the intersection of journalism and technology. As Publisher Manager at Bababam, she closely collaborates with newsrooms to drive podcast listens and revenue via publishers' own audience channels. Sarah is a member of the editorial committees for Podcast Day 24 and Radiodays Europe and her work has been featured in Sounds Profitable and Bello Collective. She loves trivia, podcasts, and trivia podcasts.

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1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Main stage

On-platform and off-platform growth strategies

Growing and marketing a podcast is one of the most common challenges publishers face. Sarah Toporoff, Publisher Manager at Bababam will lead discussions around two key audience growth strategies: off-platform and on-platform. Learn what tactics will get more listeners on streaming platforms, news aggregators and social media, as well as the pros and cons of paid audience acquisition. Sarah will also explore how to drive podcast listenership for a publisher’s organic audience via web and app traffic.