Jack Drury

Artist and Entertainment Relations, Shure UK

Jack is Shure's UK microphone geek and regularly works with recording studios, artists and festivals to ensure the right mic gets chosen for the right job. Jack turned his expertise to Podcasting in 2019 and now offers training and support to producers and podcasters to achieve the best sound possible for their work. "Podcast production is exciting because there is always something new to learn or different to try. I believe that we get better experimenting and collaborating with fellow practitioners, and ultimately create more podcasts!"

All Sessions by Jack Drury

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

Next-level podcasting equipment

Are you starting your own podcast or looking for some audio tips to make your recordings sound extraordinary? Shure’s expert Jack Drury will take you through how to create the ideal set-up and give professional tips on how to capture your voice for perfect recordings every time. This session is suitable for beginners and professionals, and will feature hands-on demonstrations of equipment, tools and techniques, a discussion of the importance of audio in podcasts, and how to get the best audio quality possible.