Ben Youatt

Head of Podcasts, Immediate Media

Ben Youatt is the Head of Podcasts for Immediate Media and is in charge of coordinating the Production Pipeline, Marketing approaches, and Sales strategy for the Various Brands at Immediate media. In this role Ben works collaboratively with each brand team to create content that suits their needs, both creatively and as a business. He is often overseeing 10-15 brands on any given week, which can include up to 30 individual podcasts that need to be planned, recorded, edited and released each week as well. Ben currently oversees a team of 6 producers and coordination staff who each in turn work to perfect the creative output of the show as well as organizing, recording, and editing each of the podcasts. Over the past two years the Podcasts at Immediate Team has won over 12 Industry awards, including the PPA’s, a BSME Talent award, and over 5 British Publisher Podcast awards. Coming from a background of Music and Radio Ben’s main focus is for helping brands create engaging content that serve’s its audience well, and helps tell engaging stories through the intimate medium of podcasts.

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2:15 pm - 2:45 pm
Main stage

Building out multiple podcasts as a publisher

Whether you're a publisher with numerous brands or have a growing herd of podcasts, managing multiple audio products requires a whole different way of thinking. Immediate Media is one of the best examples of a UK publisher we've found managing this effectively. Their centralised podcast team manages the recording, editing and production, making it easy for a title to test the waters with audio, as well as the benefits of cross-promotion and knowledge sharing. Ben Youatt, Head of Podcasts for Immediate Media talks to Spotify's Chelsea Bradbury about the benefits of a centralised hub and what other publishers can learn from Immediate's podcasting success.