Ada Enechi

Head of Culture, BuzzFeed UK

Ada Enechi joined the BuzzFeed UK team in 2017, but two years later, she paved a new path for herself at the company becoming senior video producer and the head of Seasoned - which started as a "passion project" alongside a few colleagues. Enechi started Seasoned to be a brand within BuzzFeed UK that's geared toward the Black British experience. As the brand's cumulated over 15 million views across multiple platforms, she's led the launch of multiple partnerships for it, one of which led to a summer internship program for Black British students at Birmingham City University.

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9:20 am - 10:00 am
Main stage

How to create a podcast that aligns with your brand

You've got an existing publishing brand (or brands), and you're looking to launch a podcast. How do you go about creating something exceptional that will resonate with your existing audiences, as well as draw new ones to your publication? This panel will feature a range of different types of publisher discussing how and why they created their podcasts. There'll be plenty to learn whether you have yet to launch your first podcast, or are considering adding another one to your existing portfolio and want a fresh take.