We’re pleased to be able to reveal the roundtables for the afternoon of the Publisher Podcast Summit 2022 on October 5th. Each roundtable will feature a presentation from an expert moderator, followed by Q&A and discussion designed to help attendees get the most from the session.

The roundtables are pre-bookable by ticket-holders, and attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions to the experts in advance. Spaces are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

On-platform and off-platform growth strategies

Growing and marketing a podcast is one of the most common challenges publishers face. Sarah Toporoff, Publisher Manager at Bababam will lead discussions around two key audience growth strategies: off-platform and on-platform. Learn what tactics will get more listeners on streaming platforms, news aggregators and social media, as well as the pros and cons of paid audience acquisition. Sarah will also explore how to drive podcast listenership for a publisher’s organic audience via web and app traffic.

How (and why) you should build your own podcast network

As publishers expand their podcasting capabilities and add new podcasts to brands, lots of workflows and resources often end up being duplicated. What can publishers learn from organisations like Vox who have full podcast networks? An expert from Megaphone (by Spotify) will be exploring how to build podcasts into a network, and the benefits for publishers including cross-promotion, scalability, sales and efficiency.

Next-level podcasting equipment

Are you starting your own podcast or looking for some audio tips to make your recordings sound extraordinary? Shure’s expert Jack Drury will take you through how to create the ideal set-up and give professional tips on how to capture your voice for perfect recordings every time. This session is suitable for beginners and professionals, and will feature hands-on demonstrations of equipment, tools and techniques, a discussion of the importance of audio in podcasts, and how to get the best audio quality possible.

Podcast discovery on social, YouTube, and the web

With recent surveys revealing YouTube is one of the top destinations for listening to podcasts, it can feel like video podcasting is yet another task to add onto an increasingly long list. But turning podcasts into videos that can help discovery on social media, YouTube and elsewhere on the web doesn’t have to be complicated. Headliner Co-Founder and CEO Neil Mody will lead this roundtable on tools you can use to turn audio into engaging video content, and how transcription, podcast recommendation widgets and more can help listeners discover your podcasts wherever they find them.

Podcast kit basics

Podcasts don’t need a massive outlay of investment to get started, but to get a decent sound, there are some essentials that publishers should consider. Executive Producer Christopher Phin spent three years at DC Thomson starting multiple podcasts from scratch, and knows his stuff when it comes to getting publishers set up with good equipment that doesn’t cost the earth. He’ll cover microphone basics, what you need to think about when doing both local and remote recording, his top production tips, and more.

How to launch subscriber-only podcasts

As the podcasting market matures, the tools to launch subscriber-only podcasts are getting established. How can publishers take advantage of these, and how do they navigate potential issues around discoverability and conversion with potential listeners? Here to answer all your questions about how and why you should consider launching subscriber-only podcasts is Kate Lockie, Commercial Partnerships Director, EMEA & APAC at Acast.

Advertising and beyond: Working out a podcast monetisation strategy

Podcast monetisation can be a minefield. From dynamic insertion to branded shows and baked-in ads, it can be difficult to know what monetisation options are available and, more importantly, which are most suitable for you. An expert from Auddy will be leading this roundtable to demystify the terminology and set out which podcast monetisation strategies work best and how to approach conversations with advertisers and partners.

Tickets for the Publisher Podcast Summit are live – for more information on ticket types or if you would like to be invoiced, see the tickets page. The speakers and agenda for the rest of the day are available here.