The inaugural Publisher Podcast Summit will be held on Wednesday 5th October at Proud Cabaret City, London, from 9-5pm.

There's never been a better time to have a podcast. This is an industry on the cusp of an explosion: 45% of podcast listeners started listening within the past year, with more than a third listening every day. Ad spend in the UK on podcasts next year is forecast to hit £65 million.

Join fellow industry professionals for a day of networking, sharing expertise, and practical workshops that will help shape and refine your podcasting strategy and set you up to take advantage of growing opportunities.

The Publisher Podcast Summit 2022 has four key themes:


What themes and topics work well for publisher podcasts, and how can a publisher tie podcasts into other editorial work


How can publishers effectively publicise podcasts after launch, and what strategies work best for growing listenership

Sound & Production:

What equipment works best on a budget for podcasting, how can music and sound effects enhance podcasts


How can podcasting be made into a sustainable revenue stream, how can podcasts be packaged for sales departments

Our speakers


Bababam is a podcast listening platform created by and for publishers. With the power of the open web, you can grow and monetise your shows by leveraging organic traffic from your media's main audience channels. | @BababamAudio | Bababam on Linkedin


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