The inaugural Publisher Podcast Summit was held on Wednesday 5th October at Proud Cabaret City, London.

Next year, we'll be holding a mini Summit before the Publisher Podcast Awards on April 26th 2023. A full Summit will return in 2024 combined with the Awards.

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Companies who attended

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Headliner products help grow your podcast audience. We’re the leading way podcasts are promoted on Social Media and YouTube. Headliner is now used by over a million audio creators including companies like SiriusXM, Wondery, PodcastOne, CBS, and ABC. Our latest product, Disco, converts website readers into listeners by recommending relevant podcast episode clips on publisher article pages. We’ve more than doubled the podcast audience for many of the publishers we work with, and would love to set up a demo for you too | @headlinervideo | Headliner on Linkedin

At Shure, we believe that everyone can sound extraordinary. With almost 100 years’ experience in setting the industry standard for live performance and studio quality sound, we have taken this expertise and engineered a range of microphones and headphones that are suited perfectly to podcasting. Audio quality can make or break a podcast and whilst we continue to support a variety of different initiatives to push the industry forward, we want to support individuals from diverse backgrounds to capture their voice and share it with the world. | @shureuk | Shure on Linkedin

Bababam is a podcast listening platform created by and for publishers. With the power of the open web, you can grow and monetise your shows by leveraging organic traffic from your media's main audience channels. | @BababamAudio | Bababam on Linkedin

Megaphone, a Spotify company, is the industry-leading podcasting platform for enterprise publishers and professional podcasters worldwide, including Vox Media, WSJ, ViacomCBS, Crooked Media, and Sony Music. With a comprehensive suite of powerful products, Megaphone enables publishers to create, monetize, measure, and grow their podcast businesses. | @megaphonepods | Megaphone on Linkedin


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